Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mississippian's sauce is fit to eat

Mississippian Eric Miller and his father grilled pork loins and sold them during the holidays in his hometown of Anguilla. They couldn't get a good bottled barbecue sauce to baste the meat with after it cooked - so they just decided to make their own.

Soon after, the "secret sauce" the Millers used on their pork loins were as sought after as the meat itself. Eventually, they started selling the sauce separately it was so requested. Thus Fit to Eat Sauce was begun.

Reed's Food Technology in Pearl took the secret recipe and created a large batch of the sauce. Professionally bottled versions of the sauce (the original was distributed in mason jars) debuted in June.It's currently sold in 41 from Corinth to the Gulf Coast (including Persnickety in Madison, Interior Markets in Fondren, The Cupboard in Clinton, and Everyday Gourmet in Jackson).

For a complete list of locations, visit (The site also has some recipes for you to try too.)

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