Friday, June 15, 2012

"Nice job, assholes."

That's how John Currence summed up on Twitter New Orleans' Times-Picayune decision to dismiss Brett Anderson as their food critic. Also on Twitter, Susan Langenhennig announced that she will take over that role eventually. (She is the fashion editor and has been doing food reviews off and on.)

It will be interesting to see how food/restaurant reviews change as newspapers change. I can remember a time when every local newspaper had a "critic." A critic that was actually a critic and reported honestly on the food and service. The argument has always been that no one will buy advertising from folks criticizing their product - but now most have switched 180 degrees to slick PR pieces couched as food journalism (sometimes hilariously obviously).

But if a food critic can't survive in a town as food-centric as New Orleans, where can he?

Update: It seems Anderson is on a sabbatical, not unemployed.

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