Sunday, August 4, 2013

Food Network names Moon Pie-RC Cola Ice Cream Sandwich best in Mississippi

Ice cream. My one weakness. Chocolate. My other one weakness.

Moon Pies? Not so much. Unless they are warmed up ever-so slightly in the microwave to the point the marshmallow gets perfectly almost-mushy. But I digress...

The Hook Up Bar & Restaurant in Biloxi (no...not that kind of hook up) has combined many of my one weaknesses into their one Food Network award-winning Moon Pie & RC Cola Ice Cream Sandwich. So I had an official excuse to try it. It wasn't dessert. It was research!

Before I say anything, let me say it was good. It was very good. But it could be better. 

It needs more ice cream. It's winning a Food Network award for best ice cream treat, but the one and only thing it needs is more ice cream. The ice cream should be between both layers of Moon Pie and not just one.

It is a brilliant combination and the idea deserves all kinds of accolades. And it did inspire me to create The Elvis.

Make this peanut butter cup ice cream. (Yes, it's as yummy as it looks here. And, somehow, miraculously, it stays just as creamy even after sitting in the freezer for days.) Separate the two cookie sides of a Mini Banana Moon Pie. Put softened ice cream in between the two layers and put the Moon Pie back together. Wrap in aluminum foil and store in freezer.


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