Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tamale couple ultimate winner of Food Court Wars

Clinton couple Thomas and Mary Jordan will get to open their tamale stand after the premiere episode of the Food Network’s “Food Court Wars.”

The show pits two teams dishing up regional favorites, competing for a restaurant space in a shopping mall, rent-free for one year. The season opener was set at Meridian’s Bonita Lakes Mall. It’s hosted by celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

Oxford best friends Erika Lipe and Stevo McCain, both originally from Batesville, competed with Po-Boy Station and won with a slim $29 margin in the final tally of most money earned. But the two were unable to open the restaurant based on personal reasons, the show said. (Oxford's Local Voice has more here. Thanks to Martha Foose on Facebook for the link!)

The Jordans will open their restaurant at Bonita Lakes Mall in August, a mall representative said.

Read more from Sherry Lucas in Clinton News here.

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