Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waffle Iron Hash Browns

I am, admittedly, a kitchen gadget junkie. It's a weakness. (Somehow, I've stopped myself from the Soda Stream thang so far, but I think that's the only restraint I've shown.)

I'm also a breakfast junkie. Breakfast for breakfast. Breakfast for lunch or brunch. Breakfast for supper. So I was excited when I found (on Pinterest, of course) a new use for my waffle iron for one of my favorite breakfast items: hash browns.

The great thing about this idea - using tater tots to make hash browns with your waffle iron - is that it also eliminates the need to buy hash browns just for breakfast. You can just use tater tots!

Here was my first test (on just one). 

I experimented for you. If you have a square waffle maker like me, just put three rows of three tater tots on each square, close the lid tight (lock it if you have that feature) and cook for 5 minutes.

Perfect hash browns. They taste an awful lot like McDonald's hash browns too (without the strange shape)!

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